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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"How are you doing?"

Before you read this you may want to catch up with Bree...

You know when there is something awful that happens and you never know what to really say?? Well let me give everyone some advice...(I sure hope I'm not offensive, I'm in a MOOD, lol)

When a married couple splits due to another man/woman involved here is what you should NEVER say:

"Are you sure you can't get past it and forgive him?"
All I want to say in return is....well I don't want to say anything in return. All I want to do is SLAP the s**t out of you! Really?? REALLY?? Do I LOOK like a push over to you? I also find it very odd that the people that say this to me have never been in this situation before. You know what I did the last time someone asked me this...I returned the same question and asked THEM if they could ever forgive. "Well....."Jimmy" would NEVER do that to me" YA! Well you ask me that 6 months ago and I'd say the same damn thing lady!

Here's another one I'm getting really sick of:
"I'm SO sorry!" Not just once but over and over and OVER again! "Oh NO, I'm so sorry...I just can't imagine..I'm SO sorry...Ugh gosh...really I'm so, so sorry"
I know your sorry, but it just makes things more depressing than it already is when you remind me over and over again! Then I feel I have to say "no, its ok" and start reassuring YOU cause your so sorry for ME! The craziness of it all is horrid!

"Are you sure that's what happened?"
Ummm...NO, I kicked the father of my 3 young children out because I wasn't SURE!! WTF! I guess I'm not really sure how to answer this one. For me its almost insulting. Like you think I'm so off my rocker that I'm delusional. Moving on...

So now that I've pretty well told you all your horrible for giving me sympathy let me tell you what I DO want to hear...

"What THE F**K!"
"Are you F**KING kidding me!'
"What a                           !"(you fill in the blank)

Whats the most difficult question?
"How are you doing?"
Do you really want to know? I doubt it cause you would probably worry about me more. In a matter of one hour I can go through almost all the emotions in the book...depression, anger, happiness, joy, sadness, sickness, stress, name it. When someone asks me this I usually have to lie or tell a muted version of whats really going on or how I'm REALLY doing. I don't think people really, truly want to know. So you tell them what they want to hear I guess. "I'm doing                 . " (Fill in the blank with: fine, ok, good, alright, better, not so good, bad but getting there, etc) Then you try to smile and change the subject.

Maybe I'm really deep into the angry stage but some more swearing would be real nice to hear these days! ;)

The one good thing that can come out of this (I guess) is I have always wanted to write a book...I've always had different ideas but never put them to paper. Who knew that my biggest inspiration would come from the day my husband came home and told me he didn't love me anymore...

Thank you everyone for loving me no matter what awful things I may go through or say and even though you may say the wrong things sometimes you really have no idea what is right to say. I do know your only trying to help and I could care less if you tell me your sorry a million times your there to catch me when I fall...well only after you laugh that is! ;) You are all so very precious to me! THANK YOU!

Yes, I know I use too many.....;)~
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