Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday is for Complainers

Ack. The weather is bringing me down! 

Who wants to be 20 degrees below normal?  Seattle does. Also, we are stalled in a few different projects.  This is a time when Pinterest is not helpful since I get sucked in and off topic so quickly.  Bree and I have such large plans, almost too big and most definitely weather dependant. 

What you can take from my recent pins is cleaning, drinking, and origami! Sounds like a party.
So a little later today the Metzger Musketeers with join the Trumbull Two and the Particular Patton for lunch and school.  We moms have a project or two for a post later today so check back in!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Jessi's House: Pathetic Patio

Good Morning!  It's still dreary and wet here but we only have 30 days until summer!

That also means we only have 30 days to get ready for summer.  Every year I say I'm going to get my patio (and yard) whipped into shape and I think this is my year.  We are going all the way.  It's a disaster.

This is Right Now. This Morning. Ugh.
It's so bad!!! I didn't even bother to straighten because I want you to see our real life.

Jack from in July, 2010
Here's a shot of when the rock border was new and the shed door was unpainted. AND there was sand in the "sandbox". 

Door freshly painted summer of 2011.
The changes have been few but the toys seem to be the same.  Even they seem tired and old.

Prepping for Evie's 4th birthday, 2011.
Here's a shot of better days although the sun always makes things cheery. :)  And the streamer distract you from seeing the missing panel.

Phase one
So this weekend my dad and I removed the border around the sandbox-turned-dirt-pit.  We miscalculated how much mix to fill the hole but are fixing it after I finish up this post. The true joys of DIY.  I am really excite to get started.  Here's a list of things to do:

Get rid of old tired and broken toys.
Remove all the corrugated panels and prep for new ones.
Remove the layers of old paint from the floor.
Edge along the rock border, shift the sand down and weed.
Paint! Paint trim, freshen up the shed.
Replace furniture for actual patio furniture.
Create a better outdoor "kitchen".

Ok so I'd better wrap it up and get out there! :)
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Friday, June 1, 2012

What I leaned at Disneyland: Thursday

On our 5th day in Disney, my true love said to me...
Dave and Evie on the Disneyland Railroad train.

"Let's sleep in. I'm exhausted."

I couldn't have agreed more so we sorta did. We were still up around 7:30.  It was nice :).  Since we didn't have anything planned, we used Thursday to get any rides that we had missed so far in Disneyland.

My brave girl!
 We started with Space Mountain and then over to see the Captain EO Tribute.  Then we decided to cross over to the other side of the park.  We enjoyed a Dole Whip in the Tiki tiki tiki tiki, Tiki Room, shared a turkey leg and some corn on the cob from Frontierland next to the Petrified tree.  We decide to explore Tom Sawyer's Island (aka the Pirate's Lair).

Evie really liked all the caves and trails on the island.  We would have stayed longer if Dave and I weren't so tired so we bribed her with the pool at the hotel again.  It was a short day in Disneyland. We did go back in the evening and we rode on the Pirates of the Caribbean and found the infamous Club 33 door.

What I learned was that you really need to pace yourself.  I was so tired by Thursday I don't remember much about the rest of the night!  Also, turkey legs, corn on the cob, and a Dole Whip is possibly the best lunch I had all week! :)
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Friday Pinterest Challenge

Happy June 1st!!!
Let's get this summer started with our top 3 pins from our Pinterest board, "Fun in the Sun...Summer".

Jessi vs. Bree
We both are thinking about decorations this morning and pendant style banners are on top of our lists!

Jessi vs. Bree
 How about a spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors!  Those strawberry pillows are so darn cute!!!

Jessi vs. Bree
We round it out with something for our tummies.  White chocolate strawberries and chic covers for your favorite beverages!  We can't wait for Summer!!!
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