Monday, June 25, 2012

No post this AM cause I was sleeping! HA!

So I decided to sleep in this morning. We have teething going on in this house and I am just now getting dried out from our soggy garage sale where it DOWN POURED on us basically both days. Have some fun stuff to show you from the Funky Junk Sisters  Show and the Rural Bliss Farm Sale! And I was also in a "mood" and kinda grouchy this weekend and when THAT happens I get real productive!!! So new tutorials to come soon! AND i found my camera cord so hoops here we come! I'll see you later this afternoon on here! Have a great Monday.

Headed for some coffee~
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Garage Sale

WHOLY COW! Jessi and I are stupid if we thought we could blog and garage sale today! MY GOODNESS! We were busy from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm basically! From setting up, finishing pricing, re arranging because it decided to POUR and I mean BUCKETS on us and everything! So after multiple attempts at jimmy rigging a tarp tent we finally made it work...what Jessi and I can do best is "MAKE things work"!
Frustrated though because we DID NOT make it to funky junk show early birds tonight. We'll be there tomorrow though after the sale! Not sure what Jessi's after but I'll be looking for nautical stuff for the boys' room, vintage fabric and anything else I just cant pass up!
Hope you enjoy your weekend and don't forget to head out to do some bargain shopping!
Lots of Love~
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Etsy Crazed

Lately I've been Etsy CRAZED!!!
I go through stages...just like Ebay where I'm on all the time then off...well same goes for Etsy.
Here's my newest ADORABLE purchases that I am so insane excited crazy excited to receive in the mail! LOL! Who doesn't Love getting a package. I will also admit that I am Etsy crazed because of all the adorable things I can get for my little girl....sorry boys but nothing really thrills me like cutsie headbands. Love my boys!
My recent purchases from Cutie Butts Boutique
 These were on SALE 
 4th of July cuteness here we come!
Just had to have....wish they had a purple...hmm special order??

Here are a few of my other drool worthy things I would love to toss into my cart...

Visit Etsy Home Page to start your craze!
Etsy = beautifully handmade items for anything, anyplace and anyone!

Needing more moola to support my Etsy habit ~
Bree and J

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Last day of School

Busted into SUMMER...Today was the last day of school and we decided to have alittle impromptu party for the kiddos! 
Wrapped up the door for them to "Bust Through"

Our Balloon Boys
First Pig Tails for Little Miss Brooklyn today!
Hard day at work?
 Last day of school BUT first day of SUMMER!!!!!
Evie's First Day of School 11'

 Evie Last Day of School 12'

 Bradley First day of school Sept 11' and last day of school June 12'

Here's hoping that we actually have some summer worthy weather this year~
Bree and J

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