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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pregnancy After Tubal...

Gentleman BEWARE!!! MAJOR girly, womanly area conversation up ahead!!! TMI!! Take the detour!
{Always LOVE the thin pink paper dresses}
I went into the OBGYN's yesterday for my mystery female problem. (If you need some catching up refer to my Google Search Scared post). This office came HIGHLY recommended and as I pulled up I was very impressed with the nice new building that stood before me! Very new and architecturally pleasing to the eye!

Though I must tell you, when you walk through Suite 200's door you are magically transported into ........
(turn the horror music on) 
 {Everything was gold!!.....the cheesy traditional 90's gold}
{Gold Framed OLD century photo, overly worn (BUT COZY) leather furniture, and many dusty quilts}
{color theme inspiration: gold, gold, gold and more gold, teal and "mauve-a-licious"}

It was just such an odd match from outside to inside.....I'll just be nice and say not MY taste buuut I won't judge...unless my appt is bad. BAhhahaha!
After discussing my issue I am asked to disrobe (difficult when you stupidly wore a dress) and give a urine sample. I do as I'm told and as I begin to go potty I realize I'm not going in the cup. WTF Bree! I did this once before when I was massive pregnant and the nurses chalked it up to being rather funny and blaming it on my preggo brain. I doubt they will think it cute THIS time. After pushing on my bladder, jumping up and down and running the water I was able to produce a small amount. An embarrassingly small amount!
If you can't figure out why yet, (most likely) they wanted a pee sample to check if I'm pregnant...Uhhhh YA! UHHHH I f*%#ing hope not! Ekk!!! I have 3 beautiful children and love them dearly but want NO MORE! LOL! That's why I got "fixed"! 
So what's the risk of pregnancy after tubals??
Tubal Ligation and Tubal Implants are NOT 100% effective at preventing pregnancy.

  • There is a slight risk of becoming pregnant after tubal ligation. This happens to about 5 out of 1,000 women after 1 year. After a total of 5 years following tubal ligation, about 13 out of 1,000 women will have become pregnant.
Pregnancy may occur if:

  • The tubes grow back together or a new passage forms (recanalization) that allows an egg to be fertilized by sperm. Your doctor can discuss which method of ligation is more effective preventing tubes from growing back together.
  • The surgery was not done correctly.
  • You were pregnant at the time of surgery.
So my rates of being knocked up and that being the cause of all my issues....5 out of 1,000. I DON'T like those odds! For me when I got "fixed" I was thinking/hoping the odds were like...NEVER!

My appt comes toward the end and (I knew I wasn't, LOL) but NOT PREGNANT! But then I am informed of what comes next. Theres a few things Dr can't really explains he finds and "your going to need to take some extra hormones, blood work, and in 2 weeks get a specialized ultrasound for a better look." (hope my insurance covers THAT one, YIKES) Oh YES, and you can't forget the pamphlet on "Abnormal Uterine Bleeding" fun, fun! LOL! There must be a pamphlet for EVERYTHING I swear! At least he didn't just give me that and say read this and we'll just see how next month goes. I left with no answers but a plan and I feel he's taking my concerns seriously. So ya, your office decor is awful but your a great Dr so far! LOL. Onto the hormones..."SUPER"!

Watch OUT Bree's on EXTRA hormones for a week~
Bree and J

P.S. This post was for all of those people who thought I was pregnant even though I reassured everyone I wasn't over and over! Bahahahahahaaaa! Sorry but i thought it was hilarious!! Bree so funny!!!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Google Search Scared

Looking up anything on google search can be a little scary....
For example I was researching for a recent post, 5 Themed Boys Rooms, and searched "Surfer Bedrooms" AND if you scroll towards the end of that search you just might be able to see a surfer in a bedroom...IF you know what I mean. The firefighter bedroom was a tad bit revealing too IF you know what I mean there....not gonna complain too much though. LOL.
Same goes for ANY workout images that I need to search for when posting The Healthy Housewife.
But these aren't what makes the internet or google search a scary place for me.
I've been having a medical problem relating to my womanly parts in the southern region. BAHHAA! (Yes, I am shy and childish.) I was "fixed" on Halloween 11' and since then things are not "normal". I have been procrastinating and finally found an obgyn to see. Its never a good sign when they transfer you (keep in mind I'm a new patient here) to a nurse, then the nurse makes room to have you in the following Monday...mere days later. She asks me some scary questions and the conversation is done and I'm left with an appt on my calendar, in need of childcare very early in the day and a worried mind....that doesn't ever stop ticking.
Did I mention Dr's make me nervous?? LOL! YES, in fact during my 2nd pregnancy I cried at almost EVERY appt during the 3rd trimester...for no reason. I just get stressed and over thought things. Anywho...back on track the phone I get and on the computer I go. Smart Bree....REALLY smart! I know what happens when you look up any weird medical question or symptom online...does it stop me...NO (duh) tells you your dieing essentially. You could look up a basic generic cold symptom and all the sudden your coming down with whooping cough or a rare form of hoopla (whatever). So now I have a few days to dwell on my impending, slow death (that's what Google says) at least in the mean time I have a baby shower to do for Saturday SO i'll be busy enough to forget for awhile! LOL!
To be clear I am not really dieing...
Well I think...
Just don't listen to what I say...
AND don't Google search any medical symptoms....
Just don't Google search anything to be safe!
Well here's a good thing to search, Farm House Sisters, its fun, safe, and you should totally join the site too!

Have a healthy and Happy Day~
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