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Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Easy Christmas Treat Gift Ideas {From LBB}

Follow this link to babble for the gallery and how to:
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R-Rated Elf on the shelf photos

Farm House Sisters introduces:
Elf Story Boards

Story Board #1
 Story Board #2

Story Board #3

More Naughty Elves!!!
"Try and chew me up again Dog and I'll FRY you into doggy biscuits!"

"errrrrrrrrr.....ahhhhh! Much better! Take a bite of THAT!"

"Alright Vanilla, play your cards right and these ladies will be unwrapping our..."

"Ya, that's right...I know how to word the ladies over! Who has two thumbs and is getting lucky tonight??? THIS Elf!!!"

"What?!?!?!? I get bad nose bleeds..."

Please oh PLEASE share your Naughty Elf pics! We'd love to see them!~
Bree and J
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beautiful 10 Minute Card Garland

 Find Lametta tinsel -- thin, flexible wire covered in shiny tufts -- it's available at craft stores or by mail order. Narrow ribbon and twine work, too; use metallic finishes for maximum shine. Drape several strands across a mirror; affix to back of frame with thumbtacks. Hang cards with 1-inch double-ring paper clips. (from 

Make a card garland and I'll send a card~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 Great Holiday Wreaths

Present Wreath: 
Cover small containers, such as old jewelry boxes, with weatherproof paper, which will hold up outdoors, unlike wrapping paper; seal with all-weather tape. Add decorative bands in contrasting colors, if desired, and tie with ribbon. Attach to a flat wooden wreath form (ours is 18 inches) using a hot-glue gun. Affix a satin bow.

Links to the other Wreaths:

Oh....Martha, Martha,'ve done it again...or shall we say your employees have. COL!
All Wreaths Thanks to

When you can't do your own crafts find some awesome ones to share, just make sure you give credit~
Bree and J
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LBB "Almost R Rated Elf on the Shelf" ** HILARIOUS**

LBB has done it again! I love her and her blog! 
This stuff is hilarious!!! 
Lots of links I'm sorry but oh-so worth it!

Share your Elf on the Shelf ideas on the Farm House Sisters Facebook Page

Here are some Kid Friendly Elf on the shelf photos for you:

Have fun with your Elf on the Shelf~
Bree and J

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