Monday, December 10, 2012

Instagram Mania

This is what I'm working on right now. My craft/work/office area...

Here is some more of my instagram fun! 
I'm hoping to post a new pic everyday...and to try and think out of the box with my pictures!
Feel free to follow me "BMETZGER4" , Jessi has yet to join the band wagon! But she will ;)
Tiny tree but huge Christmas spirit!
Photography: Christmas Mini Session Set up
Yup...he's a ham
Puddle jumper
My favorite place in town serves wine in a mason jar!
Rainy days
Love the sun filter
What carries me through the day
Instagram will take your photos to a whole nother level!~
Bree and J

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Favorite Posts: Bree's

You might want to read it before you read my explanation as to why this is my favorite. You might be surprised to know why it is my favorite...
Bree's Favorite Post: Back to my routine...I guess...

It may seem odd that the post that exposes all my broken pieces to my life is my favorite but it's not my favorite for any happy reason. Not because it was a good memory, true to me, enjoyable, or a favorite thing to do on the weekend.
It's my favorite because this was the first moment I unleashed the truth, no matter who wanted to believe it or not and no matter what consequences came my way. It was what I wanted to do and the decision to post it was all MINE.
It's different to tell your close friends and family your skeletons because if they're your true friends they will always understand.
This moment was the first moment of my true independence. Looking back there were alot of things not right, alot of controlling and unhappiness. In this moment of telling literally the entire world wide web of my heart break I felt I had cut the strings and was finally able to breathe fresh clean air.
I knew by posting that or posting anything would always come with strings attached, drama caused and gossip spread but none of it bothers me anymore...really hasn't from day one. It is very sad people, even at an elevated age, that people still talk that talk but Karma always comes around and the truth always comes out.
The day I posted that was the first day to my new beginnings. My fresh start. The first day to getting back to me and who I want to be and not what someone else wanted me to be. I learn everyday new things about myself and will never let anything get in my way to being who I really am. I'm not sure when the last time I was happy in my life...I always thought i was but would have never really admitted I wasn't.
Though my road has had many bumps, tears and stress along the road I am always reminded of my right choices. I will always and never change my outlook on life:
Everything happens for a reason and always find the positive in a situation.

Enough of Bree's Blah, blah, blah....lets get back to crafts, DIY and all sorts of fun things~
(don't worry...I will always share too much...stay tuned!)~
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Favorite Posts: Jessi's

Jessi's Favorite Blog Post:
To view the entire post follow this link: Nothing much and my latest stalker dream
Why is this her favorite?? Because its the one most true to who she is. In fact, I'm going to break her dream down by each paragraph (red text is from my point of view, lol)

Dream Paragraph #1:
I did have an amazing dream about the mother of all thrift stores. 
(she is utterly and totally obsessed she'll even hide sometimes when she goes to I'll think she is nuts but I get irritated cause I got left out!) It's one of my favorite recurring dreams, where all the freeways I've driven become one and brings me to what I think is the old look of the South Center Mall but in my dream we call it the Sea-Tac Mall (These are 2 very different and far from each other). (ok, now thats just pure craziness right there) And in the same parking lot (weird I know) is the "Giant Thrift Store".  There's no name on the building but you know what it is.  Warehouses full of furniture and housewares. (no name huh Jess...sounds like a underground black market for thrifts) There's even one for clothing but I usually skip looking for clothes but the stairs for the furniture department are there.

Dream Paragraph #2
In last night's version, I was actually there with the Petersiks from YHL and I was star-struck. (she has stalker tendencies with YHL (young house love) its a blog, she would seriously stampede babies to get to see these people, lmao!!!) I think they are the bees knees! (dork) We rode there on an old school bus (she has this paranoia of being late for the bus and/or missing it...dated from early childhood..something we both share in common...prob cause we ARE always late to everything), John (dude from YHL) was driving and Dave was wondering where we where going but I knew as soon as we took the exit off the freeway.  I remember being bummed that we had gotten Evie a babysitter because Sherry and John had their adorable daughter with them and the girls would have played so well together. (notice how I'M NOT included in this dream...fine have a playdate with your imaginary people, col) Dave opted to wait in the bus as he hates thrift stores and garage sales lol.

Dream Paragraph #3
I find so many amazing things when I'm "there"!  One of the good finds towards the end of the dream was an octagon leather tufted ottoman that needed some work.  They wanted $100 for it!  It was big but falling apart and I was so mad that they wanted so much for it! (good girl Jess!, that IS outrageous, I never would have paid $100 for that, though it was to die I was there ;))  I actually threw it down and shouted that I was "sick of people charging so much for garbage!" and then woke up to the alarm clock.  Crazy! :)  Aren't dreams wonderful?  I would never throw furniture in real life or shout out the injustice of high priced used/broken furniture in public but it's obvious what my brain thinks of the whole thing lol. (What do I think...that you need to find that octagon leather tufted ottoman...for sure! And even better we need to find this awesome thrift store..I'm in need (not really) of some junk I don't yet know I need!)

Yet again my mind reading skills are awesome~
Bree and J

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best thing in Bree's world today!!!

I live in the f-ing woods now where internet seems to not exist! But I outsmarted these squirrels...
Verizon 4G Hotspot baby....

Time to bust this shizzzz-nit out! 
I'm having blogger with-drawls! 
Now I have internet....ANYWHERE I go!!! 
Are you ready my peeps! 
Posts start tomorrow!!! 
I swear! 
Cross my heart and never hope to die! ;)

Who's ready the this blog to go off the charts?!?!?!~ (insert two thumbs pointing at me)
This girl right here!!!~
Bree and J
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